"My worry box helps children share their fears and anxieties in a way that is comforting to them, promotes parent and child communication and helps resolve problems that may otherwise lie undiscovered.
Sara Gibson, LCPC, Psychotherapist


Help Children Handle Their Worries Better

Who Needs My Worry Box?

For millions of American school children, worry and anxiety can be a real problem. Worry and anxiety can limit their ability to play, interact with others, focus on schoolwork, or even sleep. Is your child:

  1. Expressing irrational fears or concern for their own safety or the safety of others?
  2. Often feeling nervous, sad or angry?
  3. Not sleeping or having difficulty falling asleep?
  4. A “people pleaser” or perfectionist or too concerned with the opinion of others?

These could be signs and expressions of worry or anxiety.

How Does My Worry Box Work?


  1. Keep My Worry Box and My Worry Pad in a convenient place, like the child’s bedside table or on a dresser.
  2. Instruct your child that whenever they have a worry, he or she should write it down on My Worry Pad and put the worry in My Worry Box.
  3. Every now and then, maybe at a special time at the end of the day, open My Worry Box with him or her and review the worries. Talk about each worry, how he or she is feeling and share some ways to handle the problem causing the worry. You might find some of the worries have gone away on their own, while others might not and need to be talked out. If the worry has gone away, discard the written worry. My Worry Box helped handle it! If not, keep it in My Worry Box for later review.

How Does My Worry Box Help?

This common and effective therapeutic journaling technique used by child therapists can help your child learn to manage his or her worries better in three ways:

First, by writing down their worries, your child can get a clear idea of what he or she is worried about. This makes the worry easier to communicate to someone else later. Also, My Worry Box gives your child a safe place to “park” his or her worries so he or she doesn’t have to keep mulling them over in his or her mind all the time. Children who use My Worry Box know they will review the worries soon with an adult they trust, so they can set the worry aside for a time and get on with other things in their life.

Second, My Worry Box sparks conversation between you and your child. Often, children and adults can be uncomfortable or scared to bring up a worry out of the blue. My Worry Box gives you and your child a reason to connect. Every now and then, your child should open My Worry Box with an adult he or she trusts and review the worries inside. The adult will get an insight into what is on the child’s mind and the child will learn that the adult is “safe” for sharing their worries. After they have talked about a worry, if it still is bothering the child, he or she puts it back into My Worry Box for review later. If it is not a worry for them anymore, then throw that worry away. You have helped them with that worry.

Third, over time, your child may begin to learn better ways to manage his or her worries. My Worry Box helps your child recognize the types of worries that are a waste of time and that by writing and talking about worries with a trusted person, your child can find outside places for help.

My Worry Box is for children 7 and older. You’ll find that My Worry Box helps you teach your child how to effectively handle their worries for the rest of their life.

You may even want to order My Worry Box for yourself or a worried friend!

Worry Box
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